The BRIDGES Project is a joint project by the Earth Science Matters (ESM) Foundation and the YES Network with support of the Geological Society of Africa.

Upon positive response by the leaderships and participants of the 3rd Congress of the YES Network and the CAG25 held in August 2014 in Dar es Salaam, and encouraged by the support as promised by the Tanzanian Government through its Minister of Energy and Resources, a Pilot Project for the BRIDGES Project will be conducted with prime focus on Tanzania.

The BRIDGES Pilot Project (BPP) aims to bring senior or post-career geoscientific experts from around the world in the first place to Tanzania to conduct special courses, lectures, field trips and training sessions on issues urgently needed and currently being insufficiently addressed by regular staff of Tanzanian universities and research institutes, including the Geological Survey. In return for their services these foreign experts will receive (at least) free board and lodging provided by the hosting institutions. For (international) travel and service charges external financial support should be identified. Offers for such services, including topics and timing, will be matched against needs expressed by hosting organisations. Matching offers against needs will be conducted through the Earth Science Matters (ESM) Foundation who will also be responsible for coordination and project management.

Business model
Each match between needs of a hosting organisation and services by an individual foreign expert is tabled as a Subproject. These describe all costs for sending to and accommodating the experts in Tanzania together with the in-kind benefits provided by the hosting organisations. ESM charges a 10% Service fee for matching, coordination, administration and project management. All parties will attempt to identify external sponsors to cover travel costs and charges. Upon completion of each Subproject ESM delivers an evaluation including financial reports and recommendations.

Each Subproject will be tabled in a dedicated BRIDGES Chapter of Upon completion a copy of the Evaluation Report will be posted on the same website. Supporting organisations will be highlighted by their logo’s and company names. In addition, the BRIDGES Project will be quoted and described in a substantial number of publications in relevant Journals, through Newsletters, on websites of ESM Partners and at presentations in Conferences. A special session on the BRIDGES Project is being scheduled for the 35th International Geological Congress to be held in August 2016 in Cape Town, Republic of South Africa.

Preparations for the BRIDGES Tanzania Project will be completed before the end of 2014. Implementation of the main phase of the Project is foreseen for the period 2015 – 2020. During the implementation phase other African and non-African nations will be invited to embark on the BRIDGES Project. Together with the ESM Foundation and the YES Network potential sponsors will be identified to support such projects.