Advisory Board

‘‘Knowledge is the Key to Life’ were the engraved words over my head in my childhood elementary school auditorium. Those words mean more to me each day as I learn more and more about the Earth and what matters. Earth Science Matters Foundation's mission is to aggregate current and historical news and information about the Earth to make it more useable and understandable by all. I am supporting Earth Science Matters Foundation because of the people behind it.’

Senior Advisor Dr Ralph Baird
Chair Development Committee International Year of Planet Earth

‘The Earth sciences underpin all of the major challenges facing humankind in the future. Whether it be water, energy, or mineral resources; natural hazards; climate change; or waste disposal, geoscientists provide the understanding of Earth systems through space and time. It is necessary that the various publics have a basic understanding of the Earth Sciences in order to make well informed decisions for the future. The Earth Matters Foundation can play a key role in informing these publics around the globe.’

Senior Advisor Dr Jack Hess
Executive Director Geological Society of America

‘Investigating the past, understanding the future! That is the Earth Scientist's challenge and skill. Research on Earth matters must never stop, but must continue and grow if we are to better understand the future of our marvelous planet. Climate change is only one, but an important aspect of ever changing Earth.’

Senior Advisor Dr Werner Janoschek
Goodwill Ambassador International Year of Planet Earth

‘The Earth sustains society. It provides what we do not grow, farm or fish, resources such as energy, raw materials and water all of which humankind needs to manage and use in a more responsible way. It is the substrate on which we live and subject to natural hazards the effects of which are capable of mitigation. Geoscientists understand how the Earth system works and how it has changed through time. The Earth Science Matters Foundation has a key role to play in making that knowledge available in an understandable way to legislators, policy makers, opinion formers and the lay public.’

Senior Advisor Dr Edmund Nickless
Executive Secretary Geological Society of London